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Why I am proud of voting for Nancy Binay


The Daily Opium

Unlike other people who also think that they are intellectuals and thinkers, I do not look down on Nancy Binay and everyone who made her victory possible. In fact, I think that her election to the Senate is just about the best thing to have happened to our country in a long, long time. Another Binay in government is what we need to put the Philippines in the right direction. Since most members of the Middle Class tend to get on their ‘high horse’ too easily, they forgot to read the Nancy Binay has what is arguably the most comprehensive blueprint for a new Philippine revolution.

Of course, I am just joking. Nancy is just another Bam Aquino in the sense that they do belong in a monarchy, and not a democratically-elected government. Platform? A shoe botique has more platforms than her. I merely said this to get your attention…

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