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Driving the Virtual Engine

Coming in at 10:30 am in my 9:30 am class today just isn’t one of the most brilliant ideas.

Running in late, I’ve caught up on my prof discussing a rough outline on the Freedom of Information (FOI) bill in class, not knowing what really to expect. We were then asked us to publish an article by noon about the said bill, giving us the freedom to angle it however we wanted.

It was a couple of days ago, when he (sir Oliva) initially tasked us to dig up the latest about the said essential legislation online. Having other things to do, I wasn’t able to search about the topic in advance.

Coming in late, what I was left to work with in class was one of the few PCs that couldn’t connect to the internet, while in the middle of an academic exercise! (Good thing we were allowed to work with our seatmates in collaboration)

Being a fan of search engines, me and my partner Julius Umali used Google to do look up on latest news articles, official gazettes, documents and publications of the state. We were able to retrieve .pdf copies of the consolidated FOI bill, those principally authored by Tanada, among many, using a similar advanced search method sir Oliva applied. Putting quotation marks on certain words and specifying what format you are looking for always helps. We were then asked to cite our sources at the end of our blogs, using the links to further support our claims in our written material.

Though, however expert I thought I was already in tracking down things in the internet, I was surprised to see more efficient ways on surveying its outskirts! We discovered new search tools embedded in Google and Yahoo! that permit people to filter ahead material with respect to the nuances of time, place, and even exact formats we were looking for! It’s really convenient and was surprised to only know of such options just now!

Moreover, today marks a new day of enthusiasm in online research for me, not only because that I could use this for the very profession I’ve dreamt of having for the longest time, but because I am very much sure that the knowledge of how to use such tools shall prove very useful even in the everyday mundane life. It is as if we were given new, slicker keys to drive a very sexy virtual engine downtown.

And yes, I’m going to use this to discover new music and softwares (if you know what I mean… hehehe).

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