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Computer, please coordinate!

Plaguing cyberspace with virtual ponderings from time to time, I can almost say that I’ve mastered the art of weaving the usual whiny statuses, political rants and opinions and like it was second nature.

However, there are still a lot of things that I would want to know regarding how to improve further my journalistic skills, that and being better versed in utilizing the new media to my advantage as an aspiring journalist. I’m really hoping that my current class in Computer Assisted Reporting (J 116) could help me out with many of my concerns.

As a blogger, I am constantly frustrated with the thought of how to more effectively reach wider audiences – by the way, I am writing to be read by others. I would want to know which techniques warrants for more hits and new readers, which I presume would be requiring some level of aesthetic understanding, and craziness.

Although our prof stated last week that we won’t be learning html coding and basic web-lay-outing for our classes, I still hope it makes itself through our discussions in class. Keeping our blog neat and organized I think would really help in the process of computer-assisted reporting.

I also expect to further develop my journalistic writing skills in this class, so as to make me faster and more efficient in disseminating information (yes, I am admittedly a slow poke). Keeping up-to-date is essential in this digital turn in journalism. Speed is the language of this new tongue of choice.

An internet and a social networking addict, I think it is safe to say that it doesn’t always work for my end. With that in mind, I am also hoping that this class helps me develop a sense of urgency and responsibility.

So please (just this once), computer, coordinate with me okay?

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